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Learning Paths

Choose a learning path that best aligns with your personal and business development goals.

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Explore our top resources for overcoming common obstacles faced by social entrepreneurs: 

-How to make an impact

-Business or nonprofit?

-Revenue for impact

social business

Social Business

Balance a business that makes profit and impact.

Financial sustainability empowers you to do more good with our social business growth accelerator.

Learning Path

Business Clarity Blueprint

Gain clarity and focus on what your business does best with our Service Mapping Template. This invaluable resource helps you define and refine your core services, ensuring that every aspect of your business is aligned with your mission and values.

Social Business Setup Essentials

Discover the ins and outs of setting up a successful social impact business with our webinar replay. Whether you're considering starting a new venture or transitioning from a nonprofit, this webinar provides invaluable insights and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of social entrepreneurship.

Impact-Driven Business Model Mastery

Unlock the secrets to creating a sustainable and impactful business model with our video tutorial. Learn how to design a business model that not only generates revenue but also drives positive social and environmental change.

Impact Communication Proficiency

Learn how to effectively communicate your business's impact to key audiences with our tip sheet and master class. Gain the confidence and skills you need to articulate your impact story and inspire others to support your mission.

Revenue Alignment Roadmap

Maximize your revenue potential while staying true to your social mission with our Balanced Business Guide. This audio guide and workbook provide practical strategies for increasing revenue in an aligned and ethical way, helping you achieve financial success without compromising your values.

Collaboration Catalyst

Explore the power of collaboration and partnership with our blog post and short video. Discover creative ways to team up with nonprofits and other social enterprises to amplify your impact and create meaningful change in your community.


Nonprofit Strategy

From start to sustainability, it's all here.

Overcome your funding challenges and thrive in your mission-driven work.

Learning Path

Nonprofit Launchpad

Begin your nonprofit journey by leveraging our comprehensive checklist template, covering essential steps and considerations for launching a successful nonprofit organization.

Efficiency and Leadership Boost

Elevate your efficiency and leadership prowess using our 12-Week Year Trello Board template. This tool empowers you to set and track goals, prioritize tasks, and optimize your time management for maximum productivity and progress as a nonprofit leader.

Grant Writing Mastery

Dive into the fundamentals of grant writing and proposal development with our Notion Grant Writing Template.

This resource provides a structured framework and guidelines for crafting compelling grant proposals to secure funding for your organization's initiatives. Additionally, gain valuable insights and strategies from our "Writing Winning Grant Narratives Webinar Replay."

Partnership Power

Explore the potential of strategic partnerships with our blog post and short video, "15 Ways for Businesses and Nonprofits to Partner." Discover innovative approaches to collaboration and leverage the power of partnerships to amplify your nonprofit's mission and impact

Impactful Program Development

Gain valuable insights and strategies for developing evidence-based programs that drive meaningful impact with our webinar replay, "My Program Matters: Creating Evidence-Based Programs." Learn how to design, implement, and evaluate programs based on proven methodologies and best practices.

Sustainability Strategies

Explore key principles and strategies for sustaining programs beyond grant funding with our Sustainability Reflections 2-Part Video Series and accompanying template. Learn how to develop sustainable funding models, cultivate community partnerships, and build resilience for long-term success in your nonprofit endeavors.

grant writing

Funding & Grants

Without income there is no impact.

Secure vital funding for your organization's mission.

Learning Path


Start by assessing the needs of your organization and the communities you serve.

Use the Needs Assessment Template to identify key areas of focus and prioritize your funding needs.

Federal Grants

Dive deeper into finding federal grant opportunities by learning how to navigate effectively.

Watch the webinar recording to understand the federal grant application process and explore available resources on

Sustainability Foundations

Learn about the fundamentals of sustainability and why it's crucial for nonprofit organizations.

Use the Basics of Sustainability Tool to assess your organization's current sustainability practices and watch the accompanying video for insights and best practices.


Preview the content covered in the full grant writing course by watching the webinar recording on writing winning grant narratives.

Learn essential tips and strategies for crafting compelling grant proposals that resonate with funders.


Gain valuable insights into grant funding opportunities and learn effective grant search methodologies and tools.


Watch the webinar recording to discover three secrets that can help you identify relevant grant opportunities for your organization.


​Understand the basics of budgeting for grant proposals and nonprofit projects.


Watch the webinar recording to learn how to create realistic budgets, allocate funds effectively, and ensure financial sustainability for your organization.

holistic business

Holistic Business

Harmonize your impact and thrive.

Balance your desire for purpose-driven success with your well-being.

Learning Path

Change-Maker Challenge

Embark on our 3-day video challenge, the Change-Maker Challenge, tailored for social entrepreneurs eager to turn their passions into purpose-driven action. Through engaging videos and actionable exercises, you'll ignite your inner drive and take meaningful steps towards creating positive change in the world.

Confidence Catalyst

Unleash your true potential and banish self-doubt with our Confidence Catalyst module.

Through empowering techniques and proven strategies, you'll conquer imposter syndrome and step into your authentic leadership as a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Harmony in Business Blueprint

Unlock the secrets to sustainable growth and mission-aligned revenue with our audio guide and workbook, the Harmony in Business Blueprint. Discover practical strategies and insights to expand your business while staying true to your values and vision.

Wellness Wisdom Workshop

Dive into our "Wellness Wisdom Workshop" webinar recording and explore our wellness reset template.

Discover the transformative power of holistic self-care and wellness practices to boost your vitality and productivity as a business leader.

Wealth Mindset Mantras

Elevate your mindset and transform your relationship with money with our collection of 175 Wealth Mindset Mantras. These empowering affirmations will help you cultivate abundance consciousness and overcome financial obstacles on your entrepreneurial journey.

Mindful Momentum Meditations

Immerse yourself in our Mindful Momentum Meditations, designed to empower social entrepreneurs with mindfulness and resilience. These guided meditation sessions will nurture your inner strength and clarity, enabling you to navigate challenges with grace and purpose.

What is a Learning Path?

learning path


A Shortcut

Get instant access to solutions cultivated for common social impact use cases.


Set of resources cultivated for a goal.

Choose your path according to your goals for growth and development.


Step by step or any step design.

Walk through the path as designed or pick up the skills you need in any order.


Expert cultivated for busy professionals.

Curated to honor your time and accessible on your schedule anywhere, including by app.


Any time access to start where you are.

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