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Welcome to the impact transformation hub where changemakers unite to elevate their business, share wisdom, and make a lasting difference.

Where visionary social entrepreneurs 
find their tribe.

Join our vibrant community and unlock a treasure trove of resources, mentorship, and collaboration. Immerse yourself in expert-led courses, engaging events, and uplifting forums, all designed to propel your entrepreneurial journey to new heights.

Embrace the power of connection, inspiration, and collective impact. Your journey starts here.

The Social Impact Level Up Collective

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Learn Grow And Thrive
With Our Learning Paths

Our curated learning paths offer a diverse array of opportunities to expand your horizons and deepen your expertise.


Whether you're exploring grant writing, honing your skills in social business, refining your nonprofit strategy, or nurturing your holistic wellness, each path is designed to empower you with invaluable insights and practical skills.


Explore these pathways to unlock your full potential and make a lasting impact in your field.

Get access to two learning paths when you join our
Social Impact Level Up Collective.


Get to Know Us

The Social Impact Level Up Collective elevates thought leaders, experts, and successful social entrepreneurs to share their passions, solutions, and action-provoking impact ideas. Our goal is to create sustainable, long-term change by leveling up your ability to drive social impact.

We empower social entrepreneurs & nonprofit leaders to transcend capitalism and grow world-changing ideas. We inspire you to expand your growth mindset, build a sustainable social enterprise, create true social impact, balance your wellness, and integrate holistic practices.

Denise Haskins, MD

"Wendie is a gifted and talented entrepreneur coach.  She quickly decipher the isuues at hand and offered multiple paths forward that were easy fixes to my business sales pitch.

Though I had a coach before, the script was so lengthy and pages long I could never wrap my head around how to make it my own. So I gave up.  

Just the opposite was true with Wendie. I started working my recommended changes the same day at a reasonable cost pint I can easily implement.  Wendie is gifted in a special way."

Jean Synodinos, TX

Like every great coach, Wendie knows how to help me grow into my best self without a cookie-cutter approach.
She gives me the right tools at the right time, inspiring me to build the skills I need to reach my goals.
And she’s not just a coach—she’s a cheerleader, too!

PerCilla Zeno, VA

"What sets you apart is your ability to share a wealth of unique strategies, tips, and insights that I believe most grant writers wouldn't know.
This experience opened up an entirely new realm of knowledge and expertise for me, and I am confident that others will benefit greatly from your guidance as well."
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About Our Founder

As a new business owner, I invested heavily in coaching advice that made the difference between success and failure. Now I'm paying that forward to my community by sharing the customized solutions that get my high-ticket coaching and consulting clients rapid results.

Helping nonprofit and social impact leaders has been my passion for over 18 years. From my knowledge of creating state and local partnerships to sustaining coalitions beyond 10 years of impact work, I pour my expertise into the solutions I develop.

As the host of the Social Impact Level Up Collective and the founder of Learn Grow Thrive University, I promise unique and high-quality tools that you will not find anywhere else.

Beyond my expertise, the one thing I do best is network. I'm a collector of people, resources, and experiences.


When you join our collective you get access to the richest resource of them all... the network.

xoxo, Wendie V.

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Contact Us

Wendie Veloz Enterprises, LLC
info [ at ]

325 Ellington Blvd. Ste. 271 #7183
Gaithersburg, MD 20878, U.S.A.

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