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I you the secret recipe to create a legacy of social change by unlocking the power in their ideas and their lived experience.

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Ask your biggest questions and learn live with me during live workshops.


Get the skills to be successful and learn alongside other social entrepreneurs like you.

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My courses equip social entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to make a bigger impact and avoid: 
  • Burning out by trying to do it all.

  • Doing amazing work but getting no donations or clients.
  • Struggling to sustain your success long-term.
  • Too many ideas causing you chaos.

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Like every great coach, Wendie knows how to help me grow into my best self without a cookie-cutter approach. She gives me the right tools at the right time, inspiring me to build the skills I need to reach my goals. And she’s not just a coach—she’s a cheerleader, too!
jean synodinos


Wendie Veloz

Social Impact Strategist
Coach for Social Entreprenuers

Social Entrepreneurs Just Like You

"Before working with Wendie, I felt lost and had no clarity in my purpose. Wendie helped me discover the direction and steps I needed to take, to drive my passion to the next level. I am now walking in my purpose with clarity and confidence in myself and abilities."
ale cortina
"Every conversation with Wendie is like a shot of vitamins—I walk away energized and ready to roll up my sleeves. I have concrete objectives and actionable steps that are guaranteed to get me closer to my dream.:"

Jean synodinos
"Wendie helped bring clarity to some “blurry” areas in my life; for instance, things in my mind/life that I couldn’t pinpoint the exact root of or necessarily define."

melton thomas

Frequently asked questions

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What is a Social Impact Strategist?

A Social Impact Strategist helps your social business or nonprofit focus on impact AND profit. Everyone needs funding to do "the work". I help you find balance between a thriving organization and making a massive impact. 

What kinds of things can you help me with?

I help individual social entrepreneurs navigate their first 5 years of building a sustainable organization. I also help larger established organizations focus on the dimensions of sustainability that will grow their legacy even more.

Do I need coaching or consulting?

Coaching is for individual social entrepreneurs who want to break through mindset barriers and engage in serious work to move their vision forward. 

Consulting is perfect for organizations and teams who need help and guidance with sustaining their existing success or to overcome hardships. 

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I can help anyone, anywhere

address: Gaithersburg, MD USA
email: info [@] WendieVeloz.com
website: https://wendieveloz.com
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