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    Level Up Your Influence Academy

    What If There Was A Way To Easily Increase Your Influence Online With Less Stress and Smarter Content Creation?

    What if you could learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics in just 5 days?
    What's inside?

    If you're an impact-driven organization, heart-centered entrepreneur, or non-techy person, this
    5-day Academy is for you! 

    • 5-day strategy to grow your influence online right now
    • Access to a Facebook community
    • Daily homework assignments to propel you forward
    • 1:1 strategy call with Wendie V.
    • Amazingly effective tool to measure your success

    Let me ask you a question...

    Are you constantly asking yourself
    "where are my people?"

    If that sounds familiar, this Academy is exactly what you've been looking for.

    I'm sharing the strategy that helped me save time and effort while growing my influence online every day.
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    Over 5.6 billion internet searches happen every single day.
    Your people are looking for you! 

    There's nothing like connecting with your ideal clients, customers, and donors online.

    Sometimes that's a little tricky to do.
    Are you making it easy for your people to find you?

    By learning some very simple techniques to create content that people are searching for you can implement strategies marketing pros use to grow their website and social media channels.

    If you want to learn how to make it easy for your people to find you,
    this Academy will show you exactly what to do.

    Level Up Your Influence Academy

    • Author: Wendie V.
    • Level: Beginner
    • Study time: 5 hours
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    Course overview
    The 5-Day Academy to Grow Your Reach Online Strategically- increase your influence with less stress by learning SEO.
    • Video time: 3 hours
    • Homework assignments: 2 hours

    What's included?

    6 Modules

    5 Days

    Daily Homework

    25 Videos

    Facebook Community

    Welcome to the Academy!

    Day 1- You'll learn the power of this strategy to grow your business or nonprofit online so you can make a bigger impact.
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    Using The Impact &
    Reach Tool

    Day 4- Learn to perfect the strategy that saved my life and made content creation fun again using my top-secret tool. 

    What is SEO?

    Day 2- Learn to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like a pro with a content creation strategy that empowers you as the creator.
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    Tailor Your Strategy Harness Your Energy

    Day 5- Use your time more efficiently to share your message more effectively while being YOU and increasing your impact.

    Google Tools Help You 

    Day 3- Explore Google's free tools that take your online strategy from disorganized chaos to streamlined and powerful content.
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    Now is the Time
    for Action

    Recap- The Level Up Your Influence Academy is your answer to creating content that you love and your audience loves too.

    Life Changing Stuff

    The strategy I teach you in just 5 days will change how you create content and measure your success online.

    When I first started creating content I had no idea what to create or where to put it. 

    Then after 6 months of small growth and occasional website hits, it dawned on me...
    I'm the problem! 

    I wasn't creating content that my target audience was searching for.

    That's why I'm sharing the strategy that saved my life and made content creation fun again. 

    In just one month my website hits went up and I noticed my influence grow across platforms. 

    Within three months I doubled my online search impressions. 

    All while creating content that reflects me and my expertise. 

    I'm sharing all this value at a low low price point so you get these benefits too, starting right now!
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    "I am actively implementing your training to my business. Everything is being broken down into parts the same as I did with the video.
    I am currently collecting my data, figuring out exactly which apps/ social sites work best for me, and creating content that aligns with my business.
    I am a fairly new business but your template really helped me better organize my energy and efforts. 
    I will definitely be enrolling in your mentorship, I would love to learn more from you." 
    -Tahaya "Tee"

    Here's What's Waiting for You

    • 5-day strategy to grow your influence online right now
    • Access to the private Facebook Group
    • Daily assignments to complete
    • 1:1 strategy call with Wendie
    • One amazingly effective tool to measure your success
    All of this value is worth over $397, you get it for the low investment of $47.99!
    Take action today to secure this one-time low introductor y price!


    Wendie Veloz

    Your insctructor
    Hi I'm Wendie... an executive and lifestyle coach for entrepreneurs with a socially conscious mission.

    I helps social businesses and nonprofits plan, scale, and fund their efforts using over 15 years of experience in local, state, and federal government agencies.

    I'm super passionate about changing how community members and service systems interact by establishing partnerships, measuring success, and leveraging funding for a sustainable future. 

    I love working with solopreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and solo business founders. Supporting small business and emerging nonprofits is my speciality.

    My courses are perfect for the non-traditional learner who needs a quick knowledge boost so they can DIY the perfect solution.
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