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Wendie Veloz Enterprises is a boutique consulting firm providing social business and nonprofit coaching, consulting, and training services. The founder, Wendie Veloz, brings over 15 years of federal and local government strategic planning, implementation, and sustainability expertise. Wendie Veloz Enterprises focuses on supporting communities and founders of color to create sustainable social change ventures based on the needs of the people they serve.
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Wendie helped bring clarity to some “blurry” areas in my life; for instance, things in my mind/life that I couldn’t pinpoint the exact root of or necessarily define.
Melton Thomas
Before working with Wendie, I felt lost and had no clarity in my purpose. Wendie helped me discover the direction and steps I needed to take, to drive my passion to the next level. I am now walking in my purpose with clarity and confidence in myself and abilities.
Ale Cortina
It’s been through working with Wendie that I finally feel I’m on the right path to seeing this program come to fruition. After 10 years of going in circles, even as someone actively in this work, I finally have a guide that is taking me from questions to answers. 
Monique Conway
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